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The most advanced and powerful marketing platform dedicated to christmas tree sellers

What We Do

Find Christmas Trees is the most optimised and user friendly directory to help cutomers find and buy real trees in there local area. What we have put together is a platform where you can easily create a mini website or boost traffic to your own through your own login area with all the tools to attract more customers and clever traffic reporting so you can see how many visits you are getting.

The idea was created by a Christmas tree grower and a digital marketer specialising in search engine optimisation. Put the 2 of these industries together and thats how Find Christmas Trees was created. Unlike other directories, this is the most dedicated, optimised and advanced out there provide the ultimate marketing tool for selling christmas trees.

What was noticed after researching customer behaviour on Google was a demand for real trees in local areas along with little to no online presence for sellers marketing there retail shop or tree farm.

This can lead to 2 things:

  1. Customers in your area don’t know you exist.
  2. Customers are finding large authoritive artificial christmas tree websites when searching online instead ot your competitors.
Christmas Tree Marketing

Our Mission

Our Goal is to help sellers of Christmas trees to connect with customers online through our online directory and mobile app. We are a member of a Christmas tree growers association supporting and promoting real tree campaign. We only support sellers of real trees and don’t list artifical selelrs. Our blog and app is designed to attract potential new customers of real trees or convert artificial tree owners to switch over by providing them with educational information from facts and guides to help buying a real tree a more enjoyable experience and traditional occasion.

Our Online Directory:

  • You have your own dashboard admin area where you can easily create or amend your listing.
  • Full marketing support free optimisation to allow your listing to best connect with potential customers.
  • Showcase your products, gallery, facebook posts and video uploads.
  • Appear in local area searches.
  • Increase your brand authority or existing website authority.
  • Monitored for plagarism and spam. We only approve authorised sellers.
  • Free setup by us for your listing if you don’t have the time to create yourself.
  • Google Adwords – We can run ads on google for your listing as an add on. No other directory does this.
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how to sell christmas trees

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