How To A Pick Christmas Tree

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Selecting a real tree is a traditional and very enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a regular or new customer there are some Christmas Tree buying tips that can help you choose the perfect tree.

Our Buying Tips to Pick the Perfect Tree

1. Measure the ceiling height of your room

This is the first step before you plan to pick a Christmas tree. It is important that it is the correct height so you can allow enough room for the star and also the tree stand.

2. Pick the nicest tree that fits the space where you need it

Do you prefer short bushy trees,  tall slim trees or the perfect cone shaped one.  The cost will depend on how appealing they are and the perfect shaped tree is normally the more expensive one. Ask your retailer for prices when selecting make sure you know your price then you can measure up to meet your budget and size requirements.

3. Check how fresh & healthy the tree is using the following methods:

  • When trees are harvested they can take stress through this process. Losing needles is normal just after harvest. 
  • Best method to see how fresh and healthy a tree is by firmly grip the foliage if soft or bend the needle if hard.
  • Look for obvious discolouring on the foliage or needle drop when you shake the tree.
  • Check how much sap the tree has by seeing how sticky the end or branches are.

4. Take a fresh cut off the trunk of at least 1 inch

This will help the tree increase water intake for you water stand.

5. Transport your tree or organise to have it delivered

Now you need to transport it home carefully. It is allways a good idea to have your purchased tree wrapped for easier transport or organise to have it delivered by your retailer if this service is available.

6. Make sure your tree is absorbing water

Making sure your tree is absorbing water the fresh sliced area of the trunk from sealing and allow water intake. Allways start watering your tree as soon as it is transported to your home.


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